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This is Adventographer: A Blog Intro

Who I Am, What This Is and What to Expect...

My name is Patrick and I’m not a writer.

I have a background in photography. Visual communication is my strength; words don’t always come easily to me. While I don’t identify myself as a writer I’ve always been a traveler. From a young age, I was given the opportunity to travel. I spent countless hours on family road trips & vacations to what seemed, at the time, distant places. I got my first taste of the tropics in Hawaii and learned about ancient civilizations in Mexico. These experiences ingrained themselves on my psyche.  But, somewhere along the way, my life became focused on typical ‘adult’ worries we all know: careers, mortgages and bills leaving no time for travel.

I’m not affluent (unfortunately). I haven’t yet won the lottery. I have a profession that takes me away to work in the most remote reaches of northern Canada. I manage construction projects for weeks at time, without ever leaving the camp. These days and weeks in isolation are difficult & draining, typically broken up only by a few short days off at home; or worse—lay offs.

It was a longer break from work, years ago, that rekindled my passion for travel. I’d been laid off from my job, bought a motorcycle and on a whim ridden from Canada to Panama and back. A wayward day dealing with flat tires, ornery customs agents and a foreign language all while managing to end the day with a smile cemented the fact that travel would always been an integral part of my life.

During that first extended trip I learned a lot about myself. I’ve always kept journals of my travel experiences, documenting the highs and lows throughout the trip. I think It’s helped exposed my priorities and passions in life.

While procrastinating doing some badly needed yard work one day I was reading through one of these journals. I was literally flipping the pages of my experiences. As I read my own words I was instantly transported back to the sights and sounds of my trip through Central America.

A nagging feeling persisted for days on end. I couldn’t get those images out of my head. I had a case of itchy feet. My wanderlust was alive and well! The compulsion was so strong that I made a promise to myself then and there: make travel a priority in my life once again.

I’m not a writer, so why blog? It’s a commitment to myself that holds me accountable. It’s the home for my adventure stories. The ups, the downs and everything between. I’ll share photos, video and stories from the places I visit and the cultures I explore. I’ll post tip’s & tricks to help you travel better and/or cheaper and with luck inspire you to break out your passport and travel more often.

I want this blog to inspire you, to inform you and to add fuel to your wanderlust. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!

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Patrick Horsfield
Photographer & Travel Writer

Patrick Horsfield

I’m Patrick, traveller, explorer, writer and photographer in chief here at Adventographer. Growing up with a healthy appetite for adventure on the west coast of Canada helped me shake the mindset that I needed material things and encouraged me to make travel a priority in my life. I write from a wealth of travel experiences both good and bad and endeavor to create & share amazing, inspiring content from around the world as a catalyst for change. Come along with me as I Explore/Create/Educate!


  1. Hey Patrick,

    A good friend of mine explained to me that the best way to write a blog like this is to write it to yourself. Other readers become the beneficiaries of your own experiences and when you write to yourself, they also become immersed as if there with you on the travels. That is how we approached our blog and it makes it easy to write because you are largely writing for an audience of one, a person you know better than anyone else.

    Your experience resonates with us; those ruts that take you from day to day, week to week, month to month will kill you slowly, a miserable life full of the regrets of missed opportunity and empty spaces where memories and stories should be. I’m so happy you busted out of the rut and chose to inspire others by living life to the full.

    We might die poor financially but the stories we will tell before we go will be pure gold, the rewards of a life well lived.

    Looking forward to more from you bud!

    Mark & Beth.

    1. “We might die poor financially but the stories we will tell before we go will be pure gold, the rewards of a life well lived.” That… That right there… Appreciate the words Mark! I’ll continue to be on the lookout for your new posts!

  2. Hi
    Connecting from Iceland FB group.
    I can relate to your wanderlust, I too experienced road trip with my family on summer vacations where I’ve had the opportunity to see all of Canada (still the north to explore) and I still enjoy road trips in Canada and US and more recently in Iceland where I can’t wait to return. Plus I’ve always enjoyed photography, I don’t blog but I do post to FB about my travel, trying to post as “the story of day in the life of me” (with some pics). Looking forward to seeing your finished blog on Iceland. 🙂

    1. Thanks for checking us out Monique! I hope you’ll continue to check back as our content from recent travels goes live! Greece, Turkey, Iceland, The Philippines and Thailand are in the works (god, I’m so far behind) And we’re always open to post suggestions! -Patrick

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