How to Melt Your Camera

These guys did it so you don't have to! Eclipse 101

An Eclipse only comes around every so often. Understandably people want to experience it and take photos. Just like looking at the eclipse can damage your eyes, photographing the Eclipse can damage your camera!

Without special filters designed for solar and eclipse photography you will melt your camera! Will the photograph be worth it? Who knows… The longer a focal length you use the faster damage will occur! Check out my guide on how to safely view the solar eclipse Here.

Video credit goes out to the guys at Everything Photography in Dubuque, IA!

Video Transcript:

0:00 Let’s take a look Ooohoo with the eclipse coming
0:10 up there’s a lot of hype around it and I
0:12 just know some people are going to try
0:13 and photograph it without using the
0:15 right solar filter so today we’re going
0:17 to find out what can happen
0:24 now it’s super important not to put your
0:26 eye in the eyepiece because you can see
0:27 here like it’s already focusing and
0:31 you’re going to see that this is going
0:33 to melt plastic or whatever and you
0:35 don’t want it melting your retinas so
0:40 now I’m going to do it a six second
0:42 shutter just see what it does to the
0:45 sensor
0:46 it’s probably just burning the sensor
0:48 right now take a look if you didn’t
0:55 catch that
0:56 it was smoking when it came off oh yeah
1:01 the mirror doesn’t even flip up all the
1:03 way now and you can smell the plastic
1:06 burning so we’re going to stick a
1:08 paperclip in it to hold it up this is
1:13 what happens with the shutter closed if
1:15 you even just try and point your camera
1:16 with the lens up at the Sun this thing
1:19 is like totally just melting
1:24 [Music]
1:39 so the moral of the story is you don’t
1:42 have the right filters and you’re not a
1:43 professional
1:44 don’t try and shoot the Eclipse just
1:47 enjoy it with friends and family
1:50 [Music]
1:52 and copper now though your mind not
1:54 going to go any deeper than that
1:59 [Applause]
2:00 [Music]

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