Best Travel Books: Must Reads for Adventurers

Literary Adventure – Hype In The Palm Of Your Hand Don’t you wish you travelled more? That you had a…

Best Gifts For Travellers – 2017 Guide

Best Gifts for Travellers in 2017 Travellers, we’re notoriously hard to shop for. We live out of our suitcases or…

29 Signs That You’re Addicted to Travel

Does your bucket list deserve its own book? Do you daydream about travel in your day to day life? Are…

This is Adventographer: A Blog Intro

My name is Patrick and I’m not a writer. I have a background in photography. Visual communication is my strength;…

Adventographer Travel Scholarship

ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIP: We at Adventographer believe that travel is a catalyst for change, for personal growth, for acceptance and tolerance.…

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