Wanderlust Wishlist: Norway

5 Reasons this destination needs to be on your radar!

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  • Epic Fjord Vistas
  • Amazing Auroras
  • Mile High Hikes

You could be forgiven if images of a cold desolate place popped into your head upon hearing the country of Norway mentioned. After all, almost half the country lies within the arctic circle. And while I’ve perhaps made a habit of traveling to some cold and inhospitable locations like the Canadian Rockies or Iceland there is so much more to Norway. Follow along below as I show you why Norway has earned its way to the top of my travel wish list!

The Best Time to Visit Norway

Visiting Norway may be on your wish list but when do you go?

Norway embraces somewhat of a split personality; Oslo and the south are amazing places through the summer while the north is sometimes best seen through the fall and winter. It all really depends on what you want to see and do while you’re in Norway. June through August promise long days of the never ending ‘midnight sun’ making for epic outdoor adventures. The shoulder season, typically May and September offers milder temperatures, sparser crowds and the stunning natural colors of spring and fall. Finally, a Norway winter with its biting cold, provides a stark, snowy playground with glimpses of the Northern lights.

Referring to this Norway Guide I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll simply have to visit Norway more than once!

A Norwegian Sunset
A Norwegian Sunset

Things To Do In Norway

So you’re on the fence… Don’t click buy on those tickets to a sunny beach side location just yet! Norway deserves your attention! Here are just a few of the amazing attractions Norway has on offer to potential travellers~!


Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Oslo, the up-and-coming capital of Norway has reinvented itself as a hub of culture and fun.

From history buffs to shopaholics there’s something for everyone in Oslo. With world class museums, the trendy downtown Grünerløkka district and taste-bud tantalizing Nordic and international cuisine you wont run out of things to do in whats been said to be the fastest growing capital city in Europe.

Oslo Norway bridge

The Nordic Fjords

Described by National Geographic as one of the worlds greatest landscapes the fjords of Norway are one of the most striking geographic features on this coastal nation. These stunning landscapes were created by successive glacial action throughout the ice ages. These once mighty glaciers have mostly receded and in their place left much of northern Norway covered in deep glacial valleys, littered with waterfalls and topped with small villages where the land meets the sea.

UNESCO listed sites like Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord and the area of Lofoten are huge draws to the Fjords and one the the major reasons I need to visit Norway with my cameras!

Sunset in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway

Sunset in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway

Northern Lights Hunting

Being an Arctic country comes with benefits. The winters clear crisp days and the country’s high latitude make sighting and photographing the aurora a common occurrence. From October to April the hearty adventurer will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy starry nights and colorful aurora. You can sleep when you’re dead right?!

Northern Lights (Aurora) in Norway

Northern Lights (Aurora) in Norway

Mile High Hikes

Its no secret that much of Norway beauty lies in its landscapes. The country is rich in ways others wish they could be and the Norwegians embrace it daily. Some of the best hiking in Europe (outside of the alps) is here. From the heights of Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) to the airy overhang of Trolltunga (The Trolls Tongue) and the verdant valley of Aurlandsdalen there are plenty of options to tire you out! Grab your Hiking gear and hit the trails!

Trolltunga Norway
Trolltunga above the Fjords

With all these amazing options how could you overlook a destination like Norway? I certainty cant. My cameras are charged, the passport is at the ready and all I need now is a cheap flight! Norway’s natural beauty has inspired my wanderlust and catapulted it near the top of my travel wish list!

Have you traveled Norway? Drop a comment below with your favorite places to visit!


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