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Who’s Behind Adventographer?

Hey stranger. My name’s Patrick Horsfield, I’m a 30 something, unadmitted millennial traveler from Canada. I’m also the adventure-loving, coffee-drinking, culture-seeking photographer and writer behind Adventographer. I have a passion for exploring places off the beaten track, immersing myself in local culture and creating compelling stories through writing, photography and video.

In 2009 I headed to Central America by motorcycle on a whim. 10 countries and 37,000Km later I was a changed man. Not speaking a word of Spanish, overcoming the trials and tribulations of the road & experiencing the unending hospitality & generosity of the locals had changed my outlook and really opened my eyes to the benefits of travel. For more about me check out my introduction post.

Patrick Horsfield exploring Mexico's copper canyon via motorcycle for his travel blog
Visiting Mexico’s Copper Canyon, May have had dinner with a cartel boss…

So Why a Travel Blog?

I truly believe that travel acts as a catalyst for change. You’ll never be the same after you travel. You learn patience, tolerance and empathy while you travel. Bringing those traits home with you will change your way of thinking, your circle and your community for the better. With this travel blog I’ll help you embrace that change through my experiences on the road, tips & tricks, location guides, and opinion pieces.

While I’m not a budget basement backpacker I wouldn’t describe my travel style as luxurious either. Like you I work hard for my money and look for value in the ways and places that I spend it. You’ll find me checking into Hostels & AirBnB’s, eating street food and exploring the free museums. That’s not to say I don’t treat myself once in a while though  😉

Say Hello on Social Media!

I’d love to connect with you via the blog or on any of my Social media channels. I do reply to every e-mail and comment I receive and love hearing your ideas, suggestions and recommendations. Even if you just want to sit down to a coffee or a beer while I’m exploring your country, reach out!


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I hope you’ll join me in my travels! Let’s Explore, Create & Educate together! -Patrick Horsfield

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