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Best Gifts For Travellers – 2017 Guide

Practical Gifts for Travellers That They'll Actually Use!

Best Gifts for Travellers in 2017

Travellers, we’re notoriously hard to shop for. We live out of our suitcases or backpacks, carry the bare necessities and have likely purchased the things we’ve needed as we’ve come across them. Generally we make the holidays and birthdays difficult for our friends and loved ones (sorry!). Put down the money belt and look into giving your travel addict something from this list that they’ll actually love to receive! Here is my list of the best gifts for travellers!

We’ve made a list, we’ve checked it twice. I’d love to have these gifts, but I’ve been naughty, not nice…-Mr Adventographer

These travel gifts range from inexpensive to “would you adopt me” but remember it’s the thought that counts not the dollar figure. Do your research, find out what your traveller needs or doesn’t. According to Newsweek one of the most frequently returned gifts (62%) every year is clothing. Fit, finish, sizing and style are such personal preferences that clothing and similar items are best avoided avoided as gifts. Look instead to the gifts below:

Useful Travel Gifts for Every Traveller

Every traveller could find a use for these gifts. These aren’t extravagant gifts, they’re practical gifts suitable for every type of travel and traveller. From mobile power solutions to packing supplies and reference material useful travel gifts come out on top!

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are something I’ve only recently discovered. Give the gift of organization, essential to every traveller! These zippered fabric or mesh containers help you organize items in your luggage. Using unique colored cubes allows me to quickly find any item I’m looking for in seconds. Osprey not only makes great travel luggage & backpacks with wheels but amazing ultralight packing cubes as well!

shown above are ultralight packing cubes, a perfect gift for any traveller
Osprey Ultralight Packing Cube Set – $45

USB Battery Bank

A USB battery bank is indispensable while on the road. Every traveller I know either has one or wants one. What a perfect gift for the traveller in your life. There’s nothing worse than lining up to board your plane only to have your smartphone (and electronic boarding pass) flash low battery and shutdown. This 20000mAh unit will charge your tablet sized smartphone 6-7 times before needing a recharge itself. And with quick charge technology your smartphone will get the juice it needs just in time for boarding.

An Anker USB powerbank is one of the best gifts for travellers
Anker USB Powerbank, 20000mAh – $52

Travel Powerbar

While searching for the best gifts for travellers we can continue with the power theme. It never fails that when you need to charge every single outlet is in use. With the rise of smart devices the already rare coffee shop, train station and airport outlets are seeing an insatiable demand. Many travelers have been known to charge in washrooms, in service hallways or even from the back of the airport flight information displays, wherever a plug could be found. Give your traveller the gift of a mini power bar and let them be the hero at whatever location they find themselves. Its one of my top travel tips and has earned me more than one free beer!

a powerbar and usB charger combo is a great gift for travellers
Travel Power Bar & USB Charger – $39

International Power Adapter

What good is a power strip if you’re travelling away from your home country and can’t plug it in? This list of the best gifts for travellers wouldn’t be complete without a universal plug adapter like the one below. Better yet find a power adapter with additional USB power ports as a gift for your traveller so they’ll always be able to stay in touch!

An international power adapter will allow you to charge in foreign countries, a great travel gift
International Power Adapter – $25

Passport Wallet

As travellers our passports take a lot of abuse. New passports with RFID chips and biometric features simply can’t withstand the abuse that our old “dumb passports” could. Nowadays we need to go to great lengths to protect our passports in order not to be denied entry to our next destination. Passport wallets come in many shapes, sizes and colors and make a great gift for travellers. Look into purchasing one with RFID protection to keep your traveler’s identity safer.

an RFID blocking passport wallet is a great gift for travellers
RFID Blocking Passport Wallet – $28


A good headlamp never goes out of style! From moving around the hostel at night without waking your bunkmates, finding your passport in a dark train station or setting up camp in the wilderness, a headlamp is indispensable on my travels and consequently they make great gifts for travellers. I use a Petzl Actic Core headlamp which uses either an included USB rechargeable battery or 3x AAA’s which you can find anywhere in the world.

A good headlamp such as this Petzl makes for an excellent gift for travellers
Petzl Hybrid Headlamp – $60

Noise Cancelling Headphones

How I survived international flights before noise cancelling headphones I’ll never know. From drowning out engine noise to crying babies travel has never been the same since my first set of Bose Quietcomfort headphones. The newest version of these headphones integrates bluetooth wireless technology and a USB rechargeable battery. The noise canceling pixy dust is spendy, sure, but it’s surely one of the best gifts for travellers.

One of the best gifts for travellers is a set of noise cancelling headphones.
Bose Quietcomfort 35II Noise Cancelling Headphones – $349

Travel Journal

Something I encourage all travellers to do is to journal their trips. You don’t have to write a novel but a paragraph or two each evening about what you experienced, learned or felt becomes an amazing reminder of your trip and a keepsake like no other. A travel journal is a great gift for any traveller that they can look back upon down the road and vividly recall their memories.

another of our best gifts for travellers has to be a travel notebook or journal like this one.
Travel Journal – $25


One of the best gifts for travellers, Last but not least, the mighty guidebook. If you know where your traveller is headed next Lonely Planet or Rough Guides have great guidebooks for nearly any destination. Guidebooks are super handy while travelling and help clue you into attractions and cultural activities you might never have known of otherwise! If a Guidebook isnt your style, what about keeping your traveller hyped between trips with one of these best travel books?

nothing says travel gifts like a guidebook, another of our best gifts for travellers
Guidebooks – From $20

Best Travel Gifts for Men

Some of our travel gift ideas are gender specific. For the men in your life who love to travel our best travel gifts for men are listed below:

Solid Cologne

“Solid Cologne?” you’re asking? Well yes… My life changed when I found solid cologne, “what do you mean i can smell good getting off a 16 hour flight?!”. Compact, spill proof and durable unlike your standard cologne bottle these smell-good tins are perfect for your carry-on and as a bonus you won’t get stopped by security for having liquids in your bag!

Solid cologne is one of the best gifts for travellers who like to stay fresh
Solid Cologne – From $19

Beard Trimmer or Shaver

Despite what the common image of backpackers might scream I’m a firm believer that personal grooming doesn’t go on holidays when I do. An electric Razor for your babyfaced traveler or a beard trimmer for your lumberjack are surefire top gifts for a traveller.

electric razors make a great gift for male travelers
Electric Razor – $45+


Lets face it, he’s going to get underwear and socks for christmas anyways, you might as well get him the most comfortable, supportive set round. Great for long flights and steep hikes the Saxx Kinetic series are non-absorbent, moisture wicking and keep everything right where you want it. Just take my word for it!

Saxx Kinetic boesers are one of the best gifts for travellers, these boxers rock!
Saxx Kinetic Boxer Short – $20 and up

Best Travel Gifts for Women

For the badass travelling ladies in our lives, I’ve searched out some of the best travel gifts for women. These come recommended by travellers I’ve met but, as a guy, I honestly have no experience with them!

Sleep Mask

Apparently one of the most underrated travel accessories for female travellers is a sleep mask. Who knew? Not I… Supposedly an eye mask will help you sleep better in the hectic environments that travel always throws our way. Sleeping better leads to being more refreshed and enjoying your trip. If it’s going to help me enjoy my trip then it ranks amongst the best gifts for travellers in my mind!

The best gifts for travellers are the ones they'll actually use, this Sleep mask is a winner
Sleep Masks – From $10

Solid Perfume

What can I say, I knew they made solid cologne for men, but had no clue the same was true in a woman’s product. Solid perfume is rugged, leakproof and durable unlike your standard bottled variety. These perfumes are a great gift for female travellers but I can’t be much help with the scents (Just don’t buy Patchouli!) Haha…

The Pacifica Solid perfumes make a great gift for female travellers
Pacifica Beauty Solid Perfumes – $20+

Laundry Kit

We all know ladies clothes don’t always launder as easily as men’s (likely by learning the hard way). Laundry is a fact of life on any long trip (more so if you’re packing light) and a lot of ladies clothes simply can’t be dropped off at the laundromat down the street. Travellers I’ve met have sworn by the Scrubba travel laundry kit.

the Scrubba laundry kit is one of the best gifts for travellers
Scrubba Laundry Kit – $99

Add to the Best Gifts for Travellers!

The best gifts for travellers are always the ones that they’ll actually use! -Mr Adventographer

The best gifts for travellers are always the ones that they’ll actually take with them and use. No One likes to have to pretend to love the gift they’ve received, make it easy on them by sticking to this list of best gifts for travellers! That’s it, that’s the end of our useful travel gifts!

Do you have a suggestion for the list? something I’ve missed or overlooked? Drop a comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!


Patrick Horsfield

I’m Patrick, traveller, explorer, writer and photographer in chief here at Adventographer. Growing up with a healthy appetite for adventure on the west coast of Canada helped me shake the mindset that I needed material things and encouraged me to make travel a priority in my life. I write from a wealth of travel experiences both good and bad and endeavor to create & share amazing, inspiring content from around the world as a catalyst for change. Come along with me as I Explore/Create/Educate!


  1. I don’t know how I lived so long without packing cubes – they are just the best. I’ve had the Bose headphones on my list for several years, and I’m hoping this will be the year someone gets them for me!

  2. I have a lot of the items on this list but have never heard of the Laundry Kit. It sounds like a great product for both male and female travelers! The solid perfume is a goog idea too.

    1. That laundry kit is something many of the ladies I’ve met travelling have sworn by. I dont own one myself but its something i wouldnt mind having for longer trips with smaller luggage!

  3. Such a great list. I LOVE the Lonely Planet books. I always get one when I am travelling to a country. Battery bank and an international adapter is a must as well. I can’t travel without it. The power banks are also getting better and better. The scrubba laundry kit is so handy as well. Wish I had one when I went to the Galapagos. Thank you for the suggestions 😀

  4. Travelling cubes or a power bank is one the best gifts you can buy for anyone that is travelling a lot! Travelling cubes are great and helps me a lot to keep my luggage sorted. I also love my power bank as it has saved me a few times when my phone battery is about to go!

  5. These are all super great gift suggestions every traveler would appreciate! I love hoarding packing cubes even if I don’t travel often haha, they make for good organizers and I can never have enough of them!

  6. Those packing cubes are a blessing! I need to lay hands on them.
    The sleep mask looks so cool, mine needs a change now. The other stuffs are equally useful.
    Wish somebody is thoughtful for me this coming season. 😛 🙂

  7. Power banks and a travel journal are lovely gifts. I take so many pictures and videos when I travel I drain my battery and power banks. Pictures are always a good way to remember adventures but writing down how you felt and what you thought are also unique ways to retain that memory. This is a good list to refer to when finding gifts for travelers.

  8. This is post is timely as I was browsing online for gift ideas. I love the solid cologne. It is one of my major problems when traveling especially if I just travel light. This is just simply awesome. I wonder if I can get this in the Philippines.

  9. These are definitely helpful items for the travellers! In fact, I clicked on some of them but realized most of them do not ship to PH. 🙁 That travel powerbar would be a big help for freelancers like me who also like to travel. Definitely saving this list for future reference (and also sending it out to friends to hint them on what to get me this Christmas ;))

  10. If I’m going to be asked what I want, probably I’d go with the guide book. As a travel blogger, I think nothing beats additional information about the place that I’m visiting. What do you think about it pal? 🙂

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