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More and more frequently travellers are turning to the web and specifically blogs as their first source of destination research. But, the online travel space is saturated and to succeed is to stand out from the crowd. Adventographer does exactly that.

Adventographer is a travel blog dedicated to the socially and environmentally responsible exploration of the extraordinary people, places and cultures around our globe. Through compelling & inspiring stories, photography and video we’re all about inspiring travellers across the world to step out of their comfort zones while being conscious global citizens.

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Our Adventurous Audience

Viewed in 150+ countries our diverse, dedicated, adventure seeking audience see Adventographer as a independent, influential & trusted voice in the blog-o-sphere.

We produce content to appeal to a Millennial and Gen-X audience who live relatively ‘normal’ lifestyles. Those who have careers, mortgages, but who want to see the world and maximize their vacations. Those who are budget conscious in order to travel often as well as those who splurge and treat themselves once or twice a year. Consisting of adventure & photography enthusiasts who love to explore our followers, truly do, follow us! (It’s kind of stalker’y but we’re cool with it)

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Partnership Opportunities

We offer a unique skill set to the brands and destinations interested in reaching our engaged audience of travel enthusiasts. Adventographer is available to take part in a variety of partnerships and content marketing services around the world. Even better, we’re not a one size fits all kind of outfit. We’re happy to create custom packages for our partners to fit their needs.

FAM / Press Trips

Invite us to experience the best your destination has to offer and let us share it with our loyal audience of diverse travelers through compelling words, photographs, video and social media.

Content Creation

As a media professional, I’ve been producing high-quality, highly sharable, on brand content for your blogs, campaigns and social channels. Our authentic words and compelling photography & video will keep your audience coming back for more!

Social Media Management

We can provide management and take-overs of the following social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for travel and marketing brands. If organic growth, engagement and influence is your priority, we’re experts in this field.

Brand Ambassadorship

Do you want to put a trusted face to your brand? As part of a long term partnership I can showcase your product, increase brand awareness and reach out to your target audience during my explorations.

Tour, Accommodation & Gear Reviews

We offer honest & unbiased write-ups on items & activities that are designed for adventure, travel & photography. I’d love to review your hotel, restaurant, tour or travel gear for the benefit of our readers. Giveaways and contests relevant to our brand and our readers are also a possibility.

Newsletter Advertising

Our newsletter is published bi-monthly and features our latest updates and recommendations. We currently have 1,000+ subscribers with a 19% open rate of highly responsive & engaged readers.

Please Note: We appreciate your consideration but Adventographer does not publish infographics or app reviews.

Brands we’ve worked with

Working with destinations, brands, tour operators & accommodation providers we’ve successfully added value, increased engagement and driven targeted web traffic. Below is a short selection of some of the brands we’ve successfully partnered with in the past. There’s a spot there for you too, lets add you to the list shall we?


What You’ll Get Working With Us

  • Clear, Concise and Timely Communication
  • On brand, high-quality, sharable imagery appropriately licensed at fair prices
  • A trusted partner with an honest voice and transparent opinion
  • Access to a targeted and engaged audience
  • A experienced professional who wont over-promise & always meets deadlines
  • Long-life, SEO driven, evergreen content for exponential client R.O.I.

Our Rates & Media Kit

Our rate sheets, further information and a complete media kit are available to perspective partners by contacting me here or via e-mail at

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