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The Best Wheeled Backpacks for Travel

The Ultimate Guide to Roller Backpacks & Wheeled Backpack Travel Luggage

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Have you ever been travelling in a far off land pulling your rolling luggage behind you only to have the sidewalk end? Or been wandering through a foreign airport wishing you could set your backpack down? All while late to a flight or bus? 

I’ll bet you have! It’s a dilemma every travel addict encounters at one point or another. And until now, there’s been no clear solution, Until now! Rolling backpacks and wheeled backpacks have come to the rescue of travellers everywhere, these backpacks with wheels are the versatile solution to all your luggage woes!

The Dilemma – Backpacks, Duffel Bags or Rolling backpacks?

Backpacks for travel can be amazing. They grant you a freedom of movement roller luggage travellers will never know. But what do you do when your back is killing you from a long day and you still have a 5KM walk to your accommodation for the night? At this point you’d wish you were pulling a roller duffel rather than trudging around with 20Kg on your back.

As travellers we’re conditioned to believe that the torn and beaten backpacks of the world scream “I’m Adventurous” to all who’d listen. In fact, I would argue that a backpack is simply another way to carry the gear you travel with. It’s not a form of travel as so many believe. I’m not anti-backpack you see, as a photographer I carry a camera bag the time. However, I hate the idea of being that dork with a backpack on my back and a photo bag on my chest as I wander the airports of the world.

It’s a well know fact that excessive use of a heavy backpack leads to health problems. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? The mobility of a backpack when the going got rough combined with the convenience & ergonomics of a roller bag. A backpack with wheels if you will! Would you give up your tried and true travel backpack? I would! In fact, I did. And I haven’t looked back!

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Wheeled Backpacks? Rolling Backpacks? This is a thing?!

Until recently the only rolling backpacks I’d ever seen were printed with kids cartoon characters and marketed towards grade school children. Then, a few months back I bumped into a luggage rep at Vancouver International Airport sporting a wheeled travel backpack. We got to talking, apparently luggage had been modernized and I’d missed the boat. Wheeled Backpacks are a thing and they’re here to stay!

Roll when you want, carry where you can’t.

If you still can’t wrap your head around the idea of a backpack with wheels think sophisticated rolling duffel bag and your favorite travel backpack got together after a booze fueled full moon party in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. The result is something to be proud of, no walk of shame needed here. Roll when you want, carry where you can’t. The best of both worlds, a backpack with wheels, it’s truly ingenious!

Pro’s of a Rolling Backpack for Travel:


When all else fails you can always convert your bag, connect the straps and put it on your back! It seems like such a small thing but if you’ve ever traveled out of the first world you’ll know how important this can be! I can tell you from experience that roller bags don’t roll so well through sand in the heart of Africa or rural Greece’s cobblestone roads. Simply being able to put your bag on your back makes a world of difference! Rolling backpacks win this fight easily.


The next largest benefit of rolling backpacks are ergonomics. Being comfortable in general is a huge part of your wellbeing and state of mind. But It’s even more important when travelling. By getting your bag off your back when possible you’ll be happier and healthier for all your adventures! Wheeled backpacks getting another point here.


Living out of luggage is hard work at the best of times. Travelling with a backpack you’re usually only able to access your gear from the top or bottom. Finding what you’re looking for is downright painful and typically results in clothes everywhere. Rolling backpacks load like a duffle bag but still strap on your back. Best of both worlds!


I hate to say it. I was always taught not to judge a book by it’s cover, but first impressions count. In the real world it happens daily and you are judged by how you present yourself. As a travel blogger, writer and photographer roller bags (or in this case rolling backpacks) frankly, just look more professional. It shouldn’t matter, but it does… I get the best of both worlds with rolling backpacks.

Con’s of Wheeled Backpacks for Travel:


A rolling duffel bag will always be heavier than a similar quality backpack. Wheeled backpacks will always be heavier than a similar rolling duffel bag. You can’t simply combine all the parts from a backpack and a roller and keep it a featherweight! New designs have improved tenfold over the earliest offerings. But you’ll still be adding a couple pounds to your luggage weight with wheeled backpacks.

If you’re the type to pack everything and the kitchen sink, think long and hard. The extra weight of rolling backpacks could mean the difference between a simple check in and an overweight bag fee.


Most backpacks keep a fairly slim form factor. Even when loaded up with a month’s worth of dirty clothes and travellers trinkets they don’t get in the way. Rolling or wheeled backpacks will always be bulkier. This isn’t a problem in most situations. That said you won’t be taking wheeled / rolling backpacks on your next trekking trip in Nepal.

If you’re looking at carry on sized luggage this can be a factor. The wheels, frame and pull handle of wheeled backpacks all contribute to a much less flexible piece of luggage. Less flexibility can lead to difficulty getting these bags into the overhead bins. When considering a wheeled backpack for travel this can be a problem!


Wheeled backpacks won’t replace the real thing. It’s a compromise through and through. Reducing weight and bulk is the manufacturer’s first order of business. Skipping out on some of the features and padding you’d find in a back-country or travel specific backpack.

Many of the rolling backpacks I looked at had only a rudimentary strapping and suspension system. Almost an afterthought, I wouldn’t want to have to wear them for any real length of time. The quality wheeled backpacks we found (below) seemed to have had real thought put into them. Unsurprisingly it’s the top tier backpack brands that have given us the best options in the rolling backpack niche.

Buying A Backpack With Wheels – What To Look For

Obviously the best luggage for travel is the luggage you own. But If you’re looking to buy new travel luggage, I would highly recommend looking into rolling backpacks! When comparing wheeled backpacks or rolling backpacks for travel you need to keep a few main considerations at the top of your list.


From the canvas, nylon or cordura your backpack with wheels is built from to the foam that pads its straps. The quality of materials used in these rolling backpacks is a great indicator of their long term durability. Nothing is worse than getting a call at the airport that your cheapo luggage has split wide open and its contents littered across the tarmac!

Backpack with wheels close up photo of wheels

Quality Wheels make all the difference on rolling backpacks!

Look for bags using tight weave, strong but lightweight nylon fabric complimented by heavier fabrics along the edges and backs where the most wear typically occurs.

Aluminum internal frames and handle hardware typically signal a higher quality product than stamped steel and plastic setups. Any wheeled backpack will end up taking some abuse so a robust frame and trolley system is a must!

The most important part of any wheeled backpack is of course the wheels. A rugged undercarriage and large polyurethane (vs cheap plastic) wheels will take all the abuse you can throw at them!

Comfort & Fit

The suspension system of any bag you might be considering should be well padded, highly adjustable and very importantly in warm climates, breathable. If at all possible try the bag on in store and load it with a couple of gallon jugs of water to ensure it sits comfortably on your frame.


Light is right when it comes to travel. The lighter your bag the easier it is on you. But a piece of luggage that is both featherweight and rugged is a unicorn in the world of luggage. While weight is a concern don’t overvalue it at the expense of more important elements such as material and comfort. A more comfortable backpack with wheels may weigh slightly more but the trade off could be worthwhile in the end.

What Size Do I Buy?

No matter what your significant other may have told you, size matters.  😛

It’s too easy while browsing bags to buy the biggest bag available. Restrain yourself, buying a bag just big enough for what you plan to carry is hugely important.

As a general rule of thumb 35-50L of space should suffice for ~4 days without hitting the laundromat, 50-70L, about a week and 70-100+L a week in cold weather destinations where you’ll be carrying insulated jackets and warm weather clothes.

No matter what your significant other may have told you, size matters.

While most bags we reviewed had some method of compression strapping, buying a 100L bag to hold 35L of gear is a fool’s errand. Lay out what you’ll typically travel with, compress and measure it against a known piece of luggage or do the math to determine its volume!

I personally use a 60L bag and manage 6+ days even carrying all the non-electronic accessories I require to photograph and blog about the locations I visit.

The Best Rolling Backpacks for Travellers Reviewed

Below I’ve put together a list of the wheeled backpacks I’ve had first hand experience with. Each of these pieces of luggage has its own unique pro’s and con’s. Have a read and decide for yourself which you’d pick. Honestly, you can’t go wrong!

For each of the backpacks below I’ve looked into weight, comfort, durability, style and general in-person feel.  In my mind, weight and comfort of the bag should be your number one concerns as a traveller. As such, these two qualities carry a heavier importance to me.

So, which do we think is the best rolling backpack? See for yourself!

High Sierra AT7 Rolling Backpacks – Budget Honorable Mention

Quality:  Features:  Price:  Available From: Amazon

High Sierras AT7 series of backpacks with wheels

High Sierra’s AT7 Wheeled Backpacks were one of the best valued pieces of luggage I was able to put my hands on. Just over 50L of usable space should provide plenty of room for everything but the most extended trips. A built in and detachable daypack is a useful addition to the AT7 but the features stop there.

Rolling Backpacks like the High Sierra AT7 don’t provide all the features of the higher end bags but they represent an amazing value. At time of publishing the bags were being sold online for only half of their $320 list price.

With the low price of these rolling backpacks comes an expected decrease in material quality. It’s not that High Sierra uses bad materials. But it doesn’t use the lightest or strongest on its premier wheeled backpacks. While the material will be durable enough it comes in at over 8LB’s.

Another blow against the AT7 backpack with wheels comes from its lack of an internal framing system. Instead High Sierra is relying on the tote handle and high density foam to maintain this wheeled backpacks shape.

Lastly the harness & suspension system on the AT7 rolling backpacks were sub-par. Seeming like nearly an afterthought the lightly padded shoulder straps were easy to set up. But they won’t be comfortable if you’re planning to pack your loaded bag any real distance.

Even so, the High Sierra AT7 is likely the best value in rolling backpacks currently on the market. If you’re a budget conscious traveller looking to step into wheeled backpacks this could be just your ticket!

Eagle Creek Switchback Wheeled Backpacks – Quality Runner Up

Quality:  Features:  Price:  Available From: Amazon

The eagle creek switchback series of wheeled backpacks

The Switchback wheeled backpacks by Eagle Creek are a trick piece of kit. Though one of the smaller rolling backpacks I looked at (30L) the switchback packs in a  ton of quality and features. While this might not be a goto bag for someone headed on an extended trip (unless you enjoy mornings at the laundromat) it’s perfect for the traveller taking a break from daily life for the week.

The switchback is truly a backpack with wheels as opposed to a roller duffel with shoulder straps. And it carries like it too. The suspension system and back pad were well thought out with ample padding and ventilation. The sternum strap even comes with a molded in emergency whistle.

Like the AT7 an included, detachable daypack is a handy feature of this rolling backpack. While the main compartment of this system consists of one large packing area the day pack contains a laptop sleeve and enough organization pouches and pockets to sort away all your gear. Easy to grab zipper pulls and beefy puncture resistant zippers make this rolling backpack feel sturdy enough to follow you around the world.

The use of these quality materials comes at a price. The Switchback rolling backpack weighs in at nearly 7lbs. While weighing less than the AT7 covered previously it’s also a much smaller bag (50L vs 30L) and If I had one reservation about this backpack with wheels it may be it’s weight.

Osprey Sojourn – Best Rolling Backpacks

Quality:  Features:  Price:  Available From: Amazon

The Osprey Sojourn 60L Series of Rolling Backpacks

Our last backpack with wheels is the Osprey Sojourn. Osprey seems to have cornered the market on wheeled backpacks. They offer no less than 3 different models of convertible rolling backpacks at the time of writing, each available in multiple sizes.

After getting hands on with the Osprey Sojourn I knew my “buy it nice or buy it twice” mentality was kicking in.

After getting hands on with the Osprey Sojourn I knew my “buy it nice or buy it twice” mentality was kicking in. Time to warm up the wallet. These rolling backpacks scream quality. If Osprey’s reputation in the backpacking world is anything to go on I knew immediately that it would be a top-notch unit. Available in 45, 60 and 80L variants there’s a size for everyone and every trip.

While the Sojourn wheeled backpacks lack some features found on the other bags we’ve discussed (day pack etc) it makes up for it where it counts. In quality and comfort. The backpack is made with a 1680 denier nylon (the most heavy duty of any of the bags I’ve looked at) has an impact resistant, high clearance trolley and lockable puncture resistant YYK  zippers that seem nothing short of bombproof.

The suspension system on the Osprey Sojourn Rolling backpacks seems to be something right out of osprey’s technical mountain packs. A tension augmented suspension system floats the bag over your back while real shoulder straps (complete with load lifter adjustments) help steady the load. A breathable, comfortable and BACKPACKS WITH WHEELS, OSPREY SOJOURNSmoisture wicking waist strap completes the ensemble.

This suspension system carried my test load (3 gallons of water ~25LB) the best of all the wheeled backpacks I tested, and this is the only pack i could see carrying for any major distance loaded.

I personally purchased the 60L version of this rolling backpack after playing with it in store (full price, no sponsorship’s here unfortunately 😐 ). I tested it not long ago when I traveled halfway across the globe to explore and photograph Greece and Turkey.

Backpacks are notoriously difficult to live out of. But the Sojourn 60L rolling backpacks made this a simple task. And the adjustable compression system kept loads in check as the expanded and contracted throughout the trip.

From the wheeled backpacks I was able to put my hands on I’d crown this the best rolling backpack on the market.

The price is a bit hard to swallow, but those who know me know I don’t mind paying up for a quality piece of kit… From what I’ve seen this rolling backpack will with me for quite some time!

Conclusion & Wheeled Backpacks Comparison

If you’re thinking of changing up your travel game a backpack with wheels could be just what you’re looking for. A classy looking roller in the streets but a go anywhere pack in the sheets, rolling backpacks offer the best of both worlds however it suits you (or the traveler in your life you need the perfect travel gift for)

Rolling, Wheeled & Trolly Backpacks
High Sierra 57020-1041 AT7 Wheeled Duffel with Backpack Straps, Black, 32-Inch
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High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack, Black
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Rolling, Wheeled & Trolly Backpacks
Osprey Packs Sojourn Wheeled Luggage, Flash Black, 60 L/25"
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Rolling, Wheeled & Trolly Backpacks
Osprey Packs Meridian 75L/28 Wheeled Luggage, Lagoon Blue
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Osprey Shuttle 36"/130 L Wheeled Luggage, Metal Grey
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Keep in mind the items we discussed earlier and check out the rolling backpacks we showed here when shopping for your own. As always, be sure to see, touch and try on your new backpack with wheels before shelling out your hard earned cash! (or at least buy from somewhere like Amazon with an amazing return policy!)

No matter how you slice it, whether you’re headed downtown or way out of town rolling backpacks have you covered! Now grab your new luggage, go find yourself some cheap airfare and get out there to Explore.Create&Educate!

How have you managed your luggage needs? have you gone full travel backpack? or only roller luggage? perhaps you’ve embraced a wheeled backpack for your travels? Let us know in the comments!


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Patrick Horsfield

I’m Patrick, traveller, explorer, writer and photographer in chief here at Adventographer. Growing up with a healthy appetite for adventure on the west coast of Canada helped me shake the mindset that I needed material things and encouraged me to make travel a priority in my life. I write from a wealth of travel experiences both good and bad and endeavor to create & share amazing, inspiring content from around the world as a catalyst for change. Come along with me as I Explore/Create/Educate!


  1. What an invention! Thought of so many things, this rolling backpack is super handy! Especially when the backpack becomes too heavy. I haven’t made big trips with a large backpack before, but will definitely think about this rolling backpack when I’m planning one!

  2. This is awesome. I have a standard Osprey pack that I absolutely love, but there are certainly times when I wished I could roll it rather than carry all my things like a snail. I have loved the fact that my recent trips haven’t involved backpacking gear which means I can use a normal suitcase! I think I’ll invest in a rolling model in the future.

    1. I’ve always been an Osprey backpack guy as well. They’ve always been a quality brand so I was glad to find a rolling backpack like the Osprey Sojourn! keep it in mind!

  3. You are right, there has been many a time when the back has ached and I have wished I could put the backpack down. But could not. But rolling backpacks seem to be an answer though they do have their shortcomings too. But at the end of the day, one needs to weight the requirements. I will think of getting a rolling backpack before the next long-haul trip.

  4. I am a die-hard backpack lover, but I cannot carry that big boy for more than 10 minutes at a time. I love the idea of a rolling backpack, but I still feel like the wear and tear my backpack gets would be too much for a bag with wheels….I’m not a convert yet but you’ve certainly got me thinking for when I finally replace my trusty pack!

    1. I was too until I came across these rolling travel bags! You’re probably right, I wouldn’t treat any of these bags the same way I’ve treated my previous backpacks, but the Osprey Sojourn I’ve purchased has been incredibly durable sofar!

  5. I honestly didn’t’ know these types of rolling backpack/bag existed. I wish I had known sooner as I recently bought a bag with wheels from Amazon that I haven’t really used all that much since I always end up taking my backpack instead. I’m definitely looking into this now!

  6. Hi. Would any of the Osprey Sojourn roller backpacks fit the overhead cabin?


  7. None of these is a 4 wheeled rolling backpack,which are far more u please help us find a good 4 wheeled backpack bag

    1. Pragya, You’re right! I haven’t yet seen a good 4 wheeled backpack at this point. All the reputable manufacturers of rolling backpacks are only making the 2-wheeled versions. I’ll do some more research on the available backpacks with wheels and see if there’s something that meets your criteria, if I can find it I’ll add it the the article! In the meantime I really do love the Osprey Sojourn

  8. I’m in the market for a rolling backpack and the Osprey Sojourn is high on my list. Have you seen Eagle Creek’s Morphus? The current version is singing its siren song to me as well.

    1. I would also recommend looking at the Low Alpine AT Wheelie 60 L, since it has LARGER wheels, which tend to navigate over bumps and crevices more easily.

  9. Have seen another rolling backpack ‘Caribee Fast track’ and not sure which to choose out of that and the Osprey Sojourn. Have you seen the Caribee one?

    1. I’m not familiar with the Caribee brand Sara. After looking at it I still think i’d spend the money on a known quality brand with a lifetime warranty. That way you’ll only have to buy your roller backpack once!

  10. Hello Patrick,

    What is the best security device to travel with internationally if you only have carry-on luggage?

  11. Hello Patrick,
    Great article!
    I started browsing lightweight rolling backpacks after returning yesterday from 12 days in Korea where we changed lodgings 6 times and used trains and subways (therefore lots of walking).
    I am still in pain and it hurt me to watch my two adult daughters wear their heavy purse/laptop bag/backpacks – both my girls are very slim with my 20 yr old being 5 feet tall weighing in at a hefty 85 lbs soaking wet! My oldest is 5’4 but underweight and I’m very petite as well.
    We needed suitcases so it isn’t that we could have gotten rid of them but my girls carried a lot on their backs as well – way too heavy for their slight frames and it got me thinking…there has to be something better for them but size and weight is very important and as I search, I do not see many photos or videos of these rolling backpacks being worn by women to get a sense of proportion.
    I want to have sense of direction for their next travels.
    Any thoughts or leads for us?
    Thank you!

  12. Hi Patrick-
    Have been using our Eagle Creek Continental Journey convertible backpacks for over 20 years. Most recently last month in Spain where having wheels in the airports would have been greatly appreciated.
    My question – did the wheels dig into your body when used as a backpack.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Glad to hear the eagle creek wheeled backpacks are being good to you! I never found the wheels to be an issue while packing the Osprey Sojourn all over south east Asia!

  13. My husband and I are planning a 2 week trip in Europe this May. We are retired and are definitely doing a budget trip . Better that than stay home right? We are looking into rolling backpacks and since we are in our 70’s this will probably be the only trip to Europe. Having said that , could you recommend something light weight, comfortable , and durable enough to get us through this trip in a cost effective way.

  14. HI Patrick,
    I am in my 60’s and making my first Europe trip, travelling from Rome through Paris to London in early summer. I think a rolling backpack sounds perfect. I will be staying in Air BnB’s, some of which will have at least a washing machine, so I do plan to do laundry along the way and pack as light as possible. Most of what I read says that the entire carry-on should not be larger than 22 x 14 x 9, which is the Sojourn’s size. However, I am concerned about your comment, “the osprey Sojourn 45L ( is small enough for 90% of airline’s carry on restrictions.” Are any of the other 10% of airlines in Europe? I am hoping that answer is no???
    Thanks! Kim

    1. Kim,

      You’ll find that with it being a soft sided wheeled backpack you’ll always be able to squeeze the Sojourn in. Even flights on the budget airlines (like Ryanair) or smallest regional jets where allowed carry-on sizes are reduced I’ve had no issues. airlines and attendants are quite forgiving with soft luggage as opposed to hard luggage. You’ll have a great trip and the Sojourn 45L wont let you down or cause you trouble!

  15. Thanks Patrick – I wondered if you’d ever found something that could quickly cover the wheels of these backpack/wheeled bags so that if the wheels are wet/dirty, you don’t end up with that dirt on your clothes? I have the Osprey Meridian 60L and I find that to be an issue quite often. I wish there was something quick to tuck over the wheels to cover them, that would stay on as I walked. Any thoughts? Kathy

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